Nickol drives.
In Jim's first year of racing, he came in 23rd out of 30 drivers. In 1979
he finished 9th. In 1980 and 81 he finished 5th. Jim continued to enter every year, and in 1984 he won! For the next ten years he entered every race and consistently placed in the top 5. In 1994 he came in first again. 1996 was the last run that he entered. Jim is now living in Australia.

Tillman Oblander:

Tillman Oblander grew up in Oklahoma. Later, he left home and  moved to La Grange Park, Illinois, where he met Don and Clem Englmann. The Englmanns got Tillman interested in joining the Montana Cross Country T Association.
Tillman Oblander first entered the Montana 500 in 1974
. That year he placed fourth in the cast-iron division. In 1975 he returned, came in second in the cast-iron division, but was disqualified. I talked to Tillman recently and asked him

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