Bill Walters
by Gillian Hensley

The Model T Racing Bug bit Bill in l960.  He restored a 1925 Model T in the garage, painted it black and blue, and was off and running.  His first competition was the 50-mile race Labor Day weekend in White Sulphur Springs, Mt.  He placed 5th out of 27 starters and the racing bug had him good.  Bill raced in the Cross Country T races from the beginning in 1961 until 1969.  He helped form the Montana Cross Country T Association in 1962 and served several terms as a Director and was also President in 1965.  He was also instrumental in forming the Bozeman Antique Auto Club in 1962.
Bill was a machinist for Montana Motor Supply in Bozeman, Mt. and worked on many "T" engines, grinding crankshafts, pouring babbitt bearings and basically kept the motors running for himself and many other racers.  Summers for him and his children--David and Gillian (that's me) were spent going

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