Our first CD release (2004) is Complex Presence.

Click on the track list to download a sample.

1. Brides Jig

2. Old Man at the Mill

3. I Will Set You Free

4. Grumbling Old Man/Growling Old Woman

5. Ya Gotta Quit Kickin My Dog Around

6. Fenario Set-Fenario/Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Cliffs of Moher

7. Kelvingrove/My Home

8. Cowboy Set-The Dying Cowboy/Mc Leods & Mc Donalds Reels/The Water is Wide/Banish Misfortune

9. Cat Set-Old Grey Cat/Star of Munster

10. Peg O' My Heart

11. Julia Delany



Click here to download a complete mp3 of "Ya Gotta Quit Kickin My Dog Around"