Crooked Kilt is a family band.  We have been playing in the Spokane area for well over 20 years.  It is hard to classify our music as we play such a variety of styles.  That is why we call ourselves Crooked Kilt.  We are chiefly Celtic, but everything we play has a flavor of some other style. 


Crooked Kilt is made up of Anna, who is Carla's daughter and Tom's niece.  Anna plays percussion of all sorts, but mainly bodhran and djembe.  She also sings.

Carla, who is Anna's mother and Tom's sister-in-law plays fiddle and keyboards.  She also sings.

Tom, who is Anna's uncle and Carla's brother-in-law plays guitar and bagpipes and sings.

In addition to the instruments listed above, we work many more instruments into our act such as tin whistles, harp, mouth organ, trombone, bass, banjo, mandolin.