To print out a degree wheel tape for a small (09-16) pulley, click on this link then print. To print out a degree wheel tape for a large (17-27) pulley, click on this link then print. You may have to reset your margins to get the whole thing to print onto one page. To do this in Internet Explorer, click on file then page setup then set all margin settings as close to zero as you can. You may have to turn off the headers and footers too. I had to put the large tape at an angle to get the whole thing on one sheet. These tapes print out exactly the right size on my printer. If your printer prints it out a different size, or you want to use it on a smaller or larger pulley, you may have to photo-copy, then enlarge or reduce as needed. There is also a high resolution gif if you want to download it and play with it in a photo editing program.

Instructions on using the degree tape.

1. After you have printed it out, cut it out into a strip about one inch wide. Cut the ends as close to the last mark as you can. You can even cut into the letters a little bit if you want. This might make it easier to overlap the ends.

2. Ascertain that the tape exactly wraps around the pulley. The BDC letters should overlap exactly.

3. After you have brought the engine close to top dead center on number 2 cylinder, attach a pointer onto the block, pointing to the pulley near the top. For a pointer, I use a sharpened piece of coat hanger held on with a timing cover bolt.

4. Affix the degree tape to the pulley with double stick tape with the BDC mark close to being in line with the pointer.

5. Adjust the pointer to point at exactly the 0 mark when number one piston is on top dead center. An easy way to do this is to use the positive stop method. Crank the engine over until number one piston is below the deck. Bolt a piece of metal to the deck that hangs out over the bore of number one cylinder. Crank the engine around until the piston hits the piece of metal and stops. Note the number of degrees. Crank the engine back the opposite direction until the piston stops. Note the number of degrees. Subtract the little number from the big number, and move the pointer one-half that many degrees. Check it again, and the numbers should be the same.

6. At this time you can remove the piston stop, and your engine will be at top dead center when the pointer points at the 0 mark. (This is assuming that you don't have offset pins or bore.)