Please! this can be a dangerous operation. Be very careful.

How to remove a T engine without (or with) a Hoist
1. Procure containers to label and hold bolts as they are removed, also label all linkages (both ends) and wires as they are removed
2. Disconnect battery ground strap from battery (if car has a battery)
3. Remove floorboards
4. Shut off fuel supply
5. Remove Hood
6. Disconnect exhaust pipe from manifold
7. Drain radiator
8. Drain oil
9. Remove wire from starter (if so equipped)
10. Remove wire from generator (if so equipped)
11. Remove magneto wire from top of transmission cover
12. Remove horn wire (if horn is mounted on motor)
13. Remove coil box wire (if coil box is mounted on motor)
14. Remove distributor wires (if car is so equipped)
15. Remove temperature senders or wires (if so equipped)
16. Remove oil sender wires (if so equipped)
17. Remove any other wires (such as whistle controls if so equipped)
18. Remove headlights on 1926-27, also may help on earlier cars
19. Loosen radiator stay rod and remove from radiator
20. Remove engine splash pans (if present)
21. Disconnect upper radiator outlet at cylinder head
22. Disconnect lower outlet at block or remove water pump (if so equipped)
23. Remove radiator
24. Disconnect timer from motor (leave wires connected)
25. Disconnect wishbone from pan
26. Remove bolts in lower steering column bracket
27. Remove timer and carburetor rods from steering column
28. Remove drag link cap from steering column
29. Loosen steering column from firewall and remove steering gear (1926-27 only)
30. Disconnect linkage from carburetor including choke wire and vacuum hoses (if present)
31. Disconnect fuel line and plug line with a pencil or golf tee
32. Remove four bolts at fourth main
33. Remove two bolts on top of pan arms
34. Remove two bolts on side of pan arms (if present)
35. Remove two front motor mount cap bolts
36. Remove hood shelves (if present)
37. If you have a hoist attach it to several head bolts with a chain or attach a strap to two head bolts (see photo) or best, use a lifting eye in

number four spark plug hole. Make sure the support for an overhead hoist is sufficient for the task.
38. Lift front of motor with hand crank and slide motor forward (it may be necessary to have a helper push down on the radius rod with a stick to get it to clear the pan. Once the arms have cleared the firewall you will have to tilt the front of the motor "way up" to clear the pedals. On some cars, especially speedsters it may be easier to remove the firewall with the steering column attached.
39. If you are using a hoist skip to step 44
40. Continue to slide the motor forward until it starts to want to tip out of the frame
41. Remove hand crank
42. With the aid of a couple of helpers tip the nose of the pan down until it touches the floor
43. Stand motor up on its nose, spin it around and carefully lower transmission end to the floor. Have some blocks to put engine onto. 8X8's work very well.
44. Sit back, relax and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Believe it or not you can replace the engine the by reversing these steps. Be very careful as a T engine is rather heavy and this operation is somewhat dangerous. If you are very strong, you can actually do the whole operation by yourself.