Stan made motion to run out of Kalispell area  in 2001.  Janet seconded. There were 6 for and 6 against, with Sam Nickol breaking the tie vote. So, race will go from the Kalispell area.
Motion made for Tour Day by Tony C. as optional.  George seconded and was passed.
When registrations are mailed out, there will be a suggestion vote as to the Tour Route with the decision made the first day of the race. DATES:  Jun 17, cars arrive and inspected.  June 18-20 RACE. June 21, TOUR.


  1. Motion made by George to add rule "All T's must be assembled from stock parts or reproduction parts equal to stock specifications. Cars must have four fenders, splash aprons, runningboards, front splash apron, dash, and radiator shell and all replacement body parts must be made of metal, with the following exceptions:" seconded by Tom C. and passed.

  1. Motion made by Tom to add rule: "Fuel Line not to exceed 3/8" I.D." seconded and passed

  1. Rule 23 as it exists: Only stock cast iron or aluminum intake manifolds with ports not to exceed 1 1/8" diameter allowed. New manufactured exhaust manifolds with ports not to exceed 1 1/8" are allowed. Motion was made to strike the word "exhaust". Seconded and passed.

  1. Motion was made to clarify whether aluminum and cast-iron were two class or raced head to head in one class. Aluminum and cast iron are one class. Seconded and passed.

  1. Discussed camshaft end-play thrust washers. Though several people are using them no rule was made one way or the other to specifically allow them.

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