This is the official set of rules and regulations as adopted at the Montana Cross Country "T" Ass'n. meeting held on Oct. 13, 1962. These rules will be followed in all the future cross Country races.

  1. Stock "T" Ford Frame, body, running boards, sand shields and fenders.
  2. 4,40 - 4,50x21 or 30 x 3 or 30 x 3 1/2 tires.
  3. Model "T" Type Radiator, tanks and side brackets
  4. Model "T" Steering column and gears.
  5. Modet "T" Rear Ends, axles and standard 11 tooth pinion, & 40 tooth ring gear.
  6. Magnetos must be on flywheel.
  7. Windshields, must be stock for year of car. No altering on post. Must have saftey sheet or saftey plate glass.
  8. Model "T" Stock Camshafts. No Modifications.
  9. Standard Head size valve and 45 degree valves and seats.
  10. Chroming of Crankshaft is optional.
  11. Timer, Rotor, and Model "T" type coils. (4)
  12. No Ball brgs. on rear axles in place of stock roller brgs.
  13. Some type of box of turtle deck on back of roadsters and pick-ups.
  14. Saftey wire thru bolts holding Wish-bone to pan.
  15. NO Boring of Carburators, needles and seats. Carburators must be stock.
  16. No gas pumps or fuel pumps.
  17. Gas strainers O.K.
  18. Only Babbit on fourth Main Brg. , also called Rear Transmission brg.
  19. Drilling Rod Caps and using Dippers optional.
  20. No grinding of intake and exhaust ports in the block or intake or exhaust manifods-The use of Aluminum intake manifolds optional.
  21. One (I) outside return oil line not over 1/2" outside diameter.
  22. Gas Tanks not over 10 gallon capacity.
  23. Floorboards required.
  24. One (1) Stop lite required. This is easily done by using a 1949 Chev. Pick-up stop lite switch, that has the arm, and mount the switch from the transmission band cover.
  25. Model "T" type head lights in working order.
  26. Horn of any caliber working condition.
  27. Rear view Mirror of any type.
  28. NO airplane type Shocks.
  29. Heat gauges or temperature gauges O.K.
  30. Zirk fittings instead of oil cups are O.K.
  31. Cars must be licensed.
  32. Not more than two people per car at any time as a driver or assistant. More than two people can be participants with any one car but not more than two working on it at any one time, during the race, including coffee stops.
  33. No counterbalancing of the Crankshaft.
  34. Milling of heads O.K.
  35. Reboring of cylinders not to exceed .060 oversize.
  36. Full set of rings per piston required.
  37. Cast iron or Aluminum Pistons of the Model "T" type O.K.
  38. No down draft type Carburators, they must be of model "T" type.
  39. No 12 volt batteries for ignition.
  40. Bottom half of Windshields must be closed at all times. (One piece windshields must be kept closed.)
  41. Wire Spoke of wooden spoke wheels O.K.
  42. No air superchargers on Carburators.
  43. Transmission bands must be in working order.
  44. All cars must be kept together on overnite stops where facilities are available.
  45. Removal of Head or Pan will impose a time penalty of 2 hrs. unless you are under the time clock.
  46. No replacement of Complete Engine allowed.
  47. Other repairs during time out stops---No penalty.
  48. First three place winners to be torn down for inspection, by three or more appointed inspectors.
  49. No outside help while under time on the road.
  50. Emergency brakes in working condition. This is a MUST.
  51. No extra air holes on intake manifold.
  52. Ruxtell rear ends must be locked out.
  53. Citation by law, will constitute time penalty of I Hr.
  54. No passing in any restricted speed zone or any City Limits.
  55. Standard size exhaust pipe, at least three (3) feet long.

(end of rules)

The striking thing about this set of rules, besides the numerous typo's and the strange capitalization of most nouns and quite a few adjectives, is the number of "can'ts" listed. E.g. no airplane shocks and no superchargers. Also notable, this is the first year of the "teardown". Rule 13 says that pick-ups must have a turtle deck. Rule 37 says "cast iron or aluminum pistons of model "T" type O.K.", I'll bet they meant required. According to rule 34, you could mill your head, but not your block. This year there were 55 rules, the year before, 15, yet there is no mention of water pumps which had been allowed on the first two races.