General Rules and Regulations for 1983

  1. Not more than two (2) people per car at any time as a driver or assistant. More than two people can be participants with any one car but no more than two (2) working on it at any one time during the race, including coffee stops. Any relief driver must be a paid-up member of the Association.
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed in competing cars. This is a must anyone guilty of an infraction will be disqualified.
  3. Tow units and travel units are to leave last. While on the road, passenger cars and pickups must remain at least 100 yards behind "T"ers.
  4. Holes must be drilled through the heads of the following bolts for braided seal wire: Left hand front head bolt -- Right hand middle head bolt -- Left hand middle two (2) small pan bolts. A hole must be drilled through the head of one of the bolts that fastens the carburetor to the intake manifold.
  5. Club will furnish braided seal wire. Each driver will put the wire in place so that it may be sealed, or NO INSPECTION.
  6. Removal of head or pan will impose a time penalty of one (1) hour unless you are under the time clock. Removal of head or pan under time must be reported to the timers at the first opportunity
  7. Changing of carburetor imposes a time penalty of 15 minutes. This must be reported to an inspector immediately.
  8. Disabled cars may be trailered in and will receive slow time for the day plus a one (1) hour time penalty. Cars trailered in on last day are not eligible for prize money and/or trophies.
  9. Citation by law will constitutes a time penalty of one (1) hour.
  10. Last day of race is scheduled to end at noon, with teardown of the first (3) cars, with 4th place car on standby. Inspection will be by five (5) appointed inspectors. All inspectors must vote. THE DECISION OF INSPECTORS IS FINAL.
  11. No replacement of complete engine allowed. Penalty for such being done is disqualification.
  12. Model "T" type headlights in working order required: sealed beam allowed.
  13. One (1) or more stop lights required.
  14. Horn of any type in working order required.
  15. The name of the owner or driver and his home town shall be on both the right and left hand sides of the car, in block or script.
  16. Rear view mirror of any type required.
  17. Padded seat cushions and back rest of any type required.
  18. Car must have standard "T" size battery not exceeding six (6) volts.
  19. Cars must be licensed -- either pioneer or regular.


All Model "T's" Must Be Stock with the Following Exceptions:

  1. Body parts must be stock for year of car.
  2. Body must be painted --- color optional.
  3. Hoods are not required.
  4. Some type of substantially built box or turtle deck -- minimum length and width equal to size for stock turtle deck on that year car, with floor, sideboards and end-gate. Sides and end no less than six (6) inches high from floor and made of no smaller than 3/4 inch wood.
  5. Only Model "T" wire or wooden spoke or disc wheels allowed. May use Model "A" 21 inch wheel or 30 by 3 1/2 wire wheels.
  6. Only 4:40 -- 5.25/21, 30 by 3 or 30 by 3 1/2 tires allowed.
  7. Rebuilt radiators allowed. Must be built to stock dimensions including tanks and side brackets.
  8. Windshields, must be stock for year of car, no altering. Must have safety sheet or safety plate glass, top and bottom windshields, to be closed completely and sealed for race. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Only model "T" rear end, axles and standard eleven tooth pinion, and forty tooth ring gear allowed. Bronze thrust washers also allowed. Roller bearings only.
  10. Gas tank must be stock for year of car and mounted in its stock position with no raising of tank. Gas strainers allowed.
  11. At least 36 inch of 1 1/2 inch exhaust pipe required, properly attached to and extending from the exhaust manifold.
  12. Emergency brakes must be in good working condition.
  13. Complete set of floor boards required in place.
  14. Bolts on wishbone at rear of pan must be safety wired.
  15. Ruckstell axles must be disconnected while under time.
  16. Neoprene seals in rear axle and camshaft optional.
  17. Shock absorbers are optional.
  18. No sagging, re-arching or shortening of springs and at least seven (7) leafs per spring.
  19. Zerk fittings in place of oil cups are optional.



  1. Reboring of cylinders not to exceed sixty-thousandths oversize or less than 3.750.
  2. No limit on amount of milling of block and/or head. Relieving combustion chamber to accept oversize piston is legal.
  3. Cast iron or aluminum pistons of stock Model "T" type required with a compression distance not to exceed 1-- 15/16 inches measured from center or pin to top of piston.
  4. Only stock Ford script high heads allowed.
  5. There must be one (1) stock piston, rod and cap assembly in the engine... Exceptions: Cap may be drilled for dipper and grooved for oil. Choice of rod bolts and nuts optional. The other three (3) assemblies can be balanced to this one.
  6. Drilling of rods, rod caps, main webs and use of dippers optional.
  7. Full set of piston rings required.
  8. Chroming of crankshaft optional.
  9. Oversize journals on crankshaft not allowed.
  10. Counter-balanced crankshaft not allowed.
  11. Only standard size valve heads and forty-five degree valves and seats allowed, pin or two (2) piece keepers and valve setting optional.
  12. You may modify the lobes on any stock, Ford script Model "T" camshaft.
  13. Only stock cast iron intake manifold or aluminum manifold with openings not to exceed 1 1/8 inch diameter allowed.
  14. New remanufactured exhaust manifolds allowed.
  15. No grinding or polishing of the intake or exhaust manifold -- or of the ports allowed. Must be stock dimension which is 1-1/8 inchs.
  16. Type of fourth (4th) main is optional.
  17. All transmission bands must be in working order, bonded type optional.
  18. Only NH Holley swayback and/or Ford swayback carburetors allowed. Must be complete including choke butterfly. No boring or altering of carburetors or of the needles and seats. 710 thousandths gauge must not go thru carburetor.
  19. Only one outside oil line, not more than one -- half (1/2) inch outside diameter allowed. Modification to inside oiling system not allowed.
  20. Only stock Ford roller type, New Day or Anderson flapper type timers allowed. Ball or needle bearing rollers optional. Quick couplers not allowed in timer wires.
  21. Heat or temperature gauges optional.
  22. Design and use of water pump optional.
  23. "V" type belt and pulleys optional.
  24. Adjustable lifters are optional.



(end of rules)

Route marking no longer a rule. Bolt hole and sealing process change. Sponsors and advertising are not specifically allowed. Disabled cars now receive slow time for the day. The rules don't specifically say that other repairs can be made to the car during time out. The owner is no longer responsible to reassemble his disqualified car. The 36" of exhaust pipe must now be attached to and extend from the exhaust manifold. You can now use a neoprene seal on your camshaft. You now may not shorten your springs. Type of rod bolts is optional. Remanufactured exhaust manifolds are allowed. You now cannot polish the ports, in addition to not being allowed to grind them. The rule about holes in the intake manifold is removed. Up to 5.25/21 tires are now allowed. Restrictor plates were used this year, although they weren't mentioned in the rules.