575 Mile Model T FORD

ENDURANCE RACE, Sept. 13-16th


Missoula to Sidney, Montana

Sponsored jointly by the MONTANA MODEL T FORD CLUB of Circle, Montana,

CENTRAL MONTANA HIGHWAY ASSN., and the Chambers of Commerce of



The race will commence at the east edge of Missoula, Montana, at 8:00 A. M. Sept. 13, 1961

Participants will draw numbers for their starting order and all cars will then he started at one minute intervals from Missoula. There will be a 30-minute time-out coffee stop at Lincoln a distance of 79 miles. All cars will be clocked-in at the west edge of Great Falls to complete the first day's run of 165 miles.

All cars will be started late the 2nd morning from the east edge of Great Falls, again at one minute intervals with the car making the slowest time the day before leaving first and the fastest car leaving last. There will be a 30-Minute time-out coffee stop at Stanford, a distance of 62 miles. All cars will be clocked-in for the day at the west edge of Lewistown, to complete the second day's run of 102 miles.

All cars will be started at 8:00 A. M., the following morning from the east edge of Lewistown at one minute intervals with the car having the slowest time in the race so far starting first. There will be a 30-minute time-out coffee and donut stop at Jordan, a distance of 130 miles. All cars will be clocked in at the west edge of Circle to complete the 3rd days run of 197 miles.

All cars will he started at 8:00 A. M., the following morning (Sat. Sept. 16th) at the east edge of Circle at one minute intervals with the car having the best time in the race so far commencing first and the others following in their proper sequence. The race will officially end at the Montana-North Dakota State Line, about 11 miles north of Sidney. Montana. and at the N. edge of the town of Fairview where all cars will he clocked and the time computed for the entire run, while the Fairview Commercial Club serves free coffee and lunch to the drivers.

The winner of the race (best overall time for all four days) will lead in the parade of all participating model T Fords back to Sidney, a distance of 11 miles, where they will be honored and awarded their prizes and trophies in the presence of the large anticipated crowd including GOVERNOR DONALD G. NUTTER and other dignataries who will attend the festivities in connection with the dedication of CENTRAL MONTANA HIGHWAY No.20 and the big FREE barbeque at SIDNEY.

PRIZES: 1st Place, best overall time, wins $500; 2nd place $300; 3rd place

$200; 4th place $150; 5th place, $100; 6th place $50; 7th place $25.00.

The Ford Division of the Ford Motor Co. will present a large trophy adorned with a replica of a Model T Ford to the First place winner of the, race.
The Central Montana Highway Association is donating very nice antique car trophies to the first five winners.
The Montana Model T Ford Club is donating one trophy to the participant coming from the farthest distance, and one to the car finishing the race with the slowest time. Other trophies and prizes are anticipated by race time.

The Humble Oil Co., has offered to furnish free gasoline and oil to all cars participating in the race at any of their stations along the route.

Free overnight storage will be provided by the Ford dealers along the route.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: All participants must be stock Model T Fords in accordance with the following requirements and permitted modifications:

All cars must have an original model T Ford body (any age or type including sawed off tourings) with 4 fenders, running boards and complete windshield. Wheels and tires must be standard model T Ford passenger car sizes 30x3, 30x2 or 30x4.50. Rear axle ratios must be stock model T Ford. 40 tooth ring gear with either 10 or 11 tooth pinion. AuxilIary transmissions and or Ruxtell axles must be disconnected or locked in high. All transmission bands must be in working order. Emergency brakes must be in working order for safety purposes. Aluminum pistons permitted but they must be of model T Ford design and type and not more than .060 oversize. The size of the valve ports is not to be altered to accommodate oversize valves. Crankshaft must be stock model T without any counterweights. Cylinder heads must be genuine Ford and may be shaved or milled but not altered otherwise, Any type timer permitted but the Ford magneto-coils-timer ignition system must be in working order, no distributors permitted. Water pumps and auxillary oil lines permitted, oil pumps not permitted. 12 volt battery not permitted. No unnecessary openings allowed in the intake manifold. Any other departure from a stock model T Ford which will give an unfair speed or endurance advantage over the other participants will not be allowed.

Any contestant may challenge any winner as to the legality and conformity of the winner s model T Ford and the winner must accordingly submit his car to an inspection. The challenger will be required to post sufficient funds to cover the cost of an inspection, which amount will be forfeited should his challenge be unfounded, but if is found that the car being inspected does not meet the above specifications the cost of the inspection shall be borne by the owner and the car will be disqualified. Any inspections are to he made immediately after the race at the Ford garage In Sidney, Montana with the decision to be rendered by the president of the Montana Model T ford Club based on the majority opinion of the other contestants in the race.

Anyone who is unable to participate in the entire race may enter any full days run by paying a $10.00 entry fee for each day So entered, and sharing only in whatever prizes are appropriated for that portion of the race plus a division of the entry fees collected therefore.

In order to complete proper arrangements for the race it is requested that all participants send their check for the entry fee and advise their intentions as early as possible to Edward Towe. First National Bank, Circle, Montana. or Ballard Pearson, President of the Montana Model T Ford Club. Circle. Montana. There will be some free lodging and meals provided at all overnight stops and then will he allocated as far as they go in the order that the entry fees are received, so send your entry fee in early.

The sponsors of this race will in no way be responsible for any accidents or losses. Drivers are urged to be extremely cautious and observe all highway regulations and laws.

This race is attracting nationwide attention and will draw large crowds all along the route. It is expected that all participants will conduct themselves in a careful, honorable and courteous manner so that this race may be respectfully continued each year.