air vents

Air vents for vintage decorating

Air vents can make or break the look of a house or commercial building. Not every air vent has the same look. Most have kind of a one size fits all blah sheet metal look. But for a truly historic or classic look it pays to have air vents that or cast, or have some sort of exceptional design. An air vent that doesn't add is an air vent that subtracts. Often there are situation in which the duct opening is not a standard dimension. It may even be round. Usually the issue we see is one in which there is simply not enough room on all four sides for the flange. This can happen when the duct opening is all the way down at the floor level. In this situation your air vent or air vents may need to be custom made. This is possible when using laser cut vents or water jet cut vents. Often we use a special machine to slice off the side of a cast bronze air vent in order to fit a space where there is limited room to work such as a kitchen cabinet toe kick area. We have both metal and wood toe kick air vents. On the off chance you would like to consider a hyper contemporary look try looking at the warehouse industrial style air vent. It is an appealing design that really has an appearance that appeals to architects and interior designers.