arts and crafts rugs

Arts and Crafts rugs, all wool

Arts and Crafts rugs have long been a hot property for tasteful decorating. The best arts and crafts rugs are of course made of hand knotted wool. Usually the countries of origin are Tibet or Nepal, although good quality rugs can be seen from India as well. Arts and Crafts rugs back in the day often used vegetable dyes, but modern aniline dyes are preferable for colorfastness reasons. Some arts and crafts rugs are made in limited quantities somewhat similar to the idea behind art prints. Large arts and crafts rugs like the 10 by 14 foot size can take as long as 6 months to make. This is not surprising since the knot count is on the order of 75 knots per inch. At the turn of the century arts and crafts rugs often had only about 15 knots per inch. That makes a rug more susceptible to wear. Speaking of wear, a good quality arts and crafts rug should be protected with a good quality pad. A pad acts something like a shock absorber and greatly helps premature wear. Here is a good consumer tip: if you have a high quality arts and crafts wool rug then you should have several cans of unopened club soda handy. If you spill something on your arts and crafts wool rug then vigorously shake up the club soda and spray it on the rug and let the bubbling action do it's magic work.