cast iron vent covers

Cast iron vent covers, versatile and traditional

Cast iron vent covers are just about the most durable vents available. Cast iron heat registers are usually not available in a wide variety of sizes, but if you are lucky enough to have standard size air supply vents then they may be something you want to consider. The site at has the traditional historic style cast iron vent covers as well as some very unique modern interpretive designs that show that cast iron vent covers can work well in other styles of house and commercial buildings as well including contemporary, industrial, steampunk, transitional as well as colonial and Victorian. Cast iron vent covers are often avaible with damper mechanisms, or louvers as they are sometimes called. To avoid issues with rust there should be some kind of coating on the cast iron vent cover to act as a deterrent. The single most important action you can take to avoid problems is to accurately measure your existing duct openings to assure that the cast iron vent covers you receive will fit correctly. It would be a burdensome extra expense to have to ship back your cast iron vent covers. As an aside, the timeline for receiving your cast iron pieces is usually short when compared to other types of similar units.