porcelain hexagonal tile

Hexagonal tile, a great choice for vintage home bathrooms

Hexagonal tile was commonly used in homes from the late 1800s through 1940 or so. Usually hexagonal tile was made of porcelain, a uniquely durable material. In fact, porcelain hexagonal tile is strong enough to use in commercial applications such as five star restaurant entryways. Lesser quality hexagonal tile is ceramic, not porcelain, and has the nasty habit sometimes of spalling and having the glaze disintegrate. But there is a difference between hexagonal tile that professionals know that the general public might not know. In traditional tiles of yesteryear the porcelain hexagonal tile was completely flat across the top. This was called rectified tile. Modern hexagon tile is often pillowed, or rounded at the edge. The tile is good quality, but it just doesn't have the vintage look. Rectified porcelain hexagonal tile might just be better to use if you have an interest in decorating in line with an eye to historic restoration.