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rustic decor has a incomparable charm. From the days of the earliest settlers there has been a romance surrounding rustic decor. Snowshoes hung on the wall, a fishing creel . . . these are all images from America's glorious past which seem to be getting eclipsed by the rapid decline of our civil society. In fact, you are living through the decline of the Roman empire condensed from several centuries down one generation. But it is still possible to put rustic decor into your home and retreat there in comfort until the NSA brownshirts haul you off to the re-education camp. If you visit the site above looking for rustic decor, be sure and check out the great rugs, many of which are hand knotted wool. No rustic decor scheme is complete without cabinet hardware, and it is well worth checking out the cast bronze pinecone motif handles and knobs. Just be forwarned that they are only available from May through the end of September approximately. Believe it or not you can even find heat registers that will fit in with your rustic decor.