antique telephones

Antique telephones, restored to original condition

Antique telephones that actually work and have been fixed up to like new working order are a great way to enhance the appeal of your vintage home, whether it be craftsman style, colonial style, victorian, or rustic. If you look at the phones of today we think you'll agree that they probably won't be in use in another 100 years, unlike a Western Electric 302 antique telephone many of which are still going strong. Those antique telephones don't know when to quit! Once you are the proud owner of a restored antique telephone you will start to notice them in movies that you see. For example, the Elite desk phone is often referred to as the "I Love Lucy" for it's prominence in that show. Antique telephones are used in many modern movies, especially ones with a period setting. Early antique telephones were often wall mounted and were made of oak and featured a hand crank for ringing the solid brass bells. Later, antique telephones were made with metal cases, and later early forms of plastic. Bakelite, the earlist form of plastic, was a popular material for the handset. The antique telephones at this site have been retrofitted with a modern modular phone jack so you can easily plug it into a modern receptacle.