super T tour map

Welcome to the Super T-Tour page.

Our goal is to have a Model T Ford tour from Portland to Portland to Portland through all the 48 lower states, and have as many Model T's as possible participate. If you are interested in driving or planning or helping or are just intrigued, please send an e-mail to


Q. When is the tour going to be?

A. It is planned for July 5th, to August 13th 2006.

Q. How much is the tour going to cost?

A. $25.00 for the route information and maps.

Q. $25.00 doesn't seem like very much money. How can you do it for so little?

A. This tour will be a loose knit sort of affair. There will be no official "trouble trailers" (although it is our hope that some of the local clubs along the way may provide some). There will be no official hotels. Everybody will be on their own.

Q. Do you expect many people to travel the whole distance?

A. Several people have expressed a strong desire to travel the entire route, but we expect to pick up and drop off people all along the way.

Q. Will you be starting in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine?

A. Portland, Oregon.

Q. How is this tour to be run?

A. The route will be planned in such a way that a model T traveling at 35 miles per hour can do the route in 8 or so hours of driving time. Each car will be on their own as to the exact route and pace that they wish to travel.

Q. Who can join this tour?

A. Anyone driving a car powered by an engine that uses a Model T Ford block.

Q. How many miles will the entire trip be?

A. The route is officially 8771 miles.

Q. How many days will it take?

A. 40

Q. Will you post a blog of the trip?

A. Yes. Click this link to blog