arts and crafts lights

Arts and crafts lights have an enduring and loyal fan base due to their great durability. Not only that, arts and crafts lights have a great look about them that shouts that they won't become obsolete with passing trends like so many of today's fixtures. Compared to arts and crafts lights does anyone think that the popular style we are currently indundated with which is essentially a light bulb surrounded by chicken wire will endure? I should certainly hope not. I mean, it is great for a chicken coop, but it is a poor excuse for a classic design. Arts and Crafts lights are popularly seen with a verdgris finish, or sometimes you'll find that spelled verde green. That finish has waned in recent years, but given the classic look don't be surprised if it makes a big comback on arts and crafts lights. Another popular finish is rust, and also black. Arts and crafts lights are most commonly fitted with gold white iridescent glass or white opalescent glass. Orange mica or amber mica is also popular on arts and crafts lights, but mostly that is on interior fixtures. Mica is not all that durable when used in exterior applications.