craftsman doorbells

Craftsman doorbells for interior use

A Craftsman doorbell is a decor item that is commonly overlooked when performing a restoration or renovation of an existing craftsman, foursquare, or bungalow home. But given the highly visible nature of the entryway of most houses a craftsman doorbell would seem to be a good idea to feature prominently. A craftsman doorbell is often made of quartersawn white oak, more commonly referred to as tiger stripe oak. However, sometimes a craftsman doorbell is made of alternative woods such as mahogany or cherry. A chime mechanism that is common and can be replaced by a purchase from a local big box store would seem to be an advantage for ease of use. The exquisite cabinetry is what you are paying for in a craftsman doorbell. There are not a lot of places to find a craftsman doorbell so it might not be a bad idea to check out the website and see if any of those styles might work for you. Don't forget to consider a doorbell button to complement your craftsman doorbell.