craftsman mailbox

Craftsman mailbox, a high style alternative to the average

A Craftsman mailbox can give your mailman a thrill. But mostly it will give you some level of enthusiasm when you see the perky Obamacare insurance premiums peeking out of the inner recesses of your high style quartersawn oak craftsman mailbox. Don't forget . . . you are saving $2500 per year in insurance costs. That was a promise! If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan. Anyway, a craftsman mailbox makes a great style statement. It is difficult to say which is more popular, a hammered copper craftsman mailbox, or one that is made of oak. If you lean towards the oak craftsman mailbox you should make sure it will not be exposed to the weather since rain will quickly ruin it. A covered porch area is ideal. Also, even though lacquer finishes on a craftsman mailbox often have ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent sun damage, it is still a good idea to minimize the sun exposure. If that is not possible, consider getting a paste furniture wax that has UV inhibitors in it that you can use to perk up the finish every year or so. Metal is less persnickety and is often the best solution for those with kind of an iffy installation area.