eggcrate registers

Eggcrate heat registers for vintage or contemporary structures

Eggcrate registers are often seen in houses built from about 1880 to maybe 1940 or so. Many times eggcrate registers are found to be broken due to either poor joinery, excessively large size, or inconvenient location such as at the bottom of the stairs. Often eggcrate registers are located in high traffic area. That is not optimal. Eggcrate registers although typically done as cold air returns in the old days, are now available as supply registers with or without dampers. A good wood choice for eggcrate registers is red oak or white oak, but often other woods are used including hickory, which has shown increasing popularity, maple, cypress, walnut, and many others. Maple is a good choice for bathroom and kitchen eggcrate registers since the wood is naturally somewhat water resistant. Those two rooms are much more likely than others to expose eggcrate registers to moisture.