heat registers

Heat registers, some typical considerations

Heat registers are easy to get confused about if not thought through. For starters, ask yourself if your heat registers are going on the floor, wall, or ceiling. If they are used on the floor heat register are typically held in place with gravity. Wall and ceiling heat registers are usually screwed to the surface, but on certain types there may be spring steel clips available that will greatly simplify the installation. Wall mounting spring steel clips should never be used in a ceiling, only use screws to attach to a ceiling. Another consideration is to look and see if the duct openings for your heat registers are located right next to a wall, floor, or ceiling. For example, often a wall mounted heat register is located so high on the wall that the opening is right next to the ceiling. That is problematic because a heat register has a flange on all four sides that could be an inch or so wide. In this case there is no room for the flange on one side. There are things that can be done in a situation such as this, but before you get any heat registers maybe you should look over this heat register site by clickin on the picture above and then call for some expert heat registers advice.