heat vent

Heat vent, overlooked essentials design element

Heat vent design . . . it could be so much better. And it IS better! When you want to make a statement in your living space it pays to pay attention to a little detail like a heat vent. A heat vent is not just a functional piece of architectural hardware. It is also an important facet of the interior design. This site will have an air vent for you whether your interest lies in ultra contemporary styling or the more traditional styles such as craftsman, Victorian, or Colonial. You can even find a heat vent with a rustic motif such as a leaping trout, pinecone, or bear. That type of heat vent may not be appropriate for floor use due to the delicate detail, but it is easy to get enthusiastic about them for wall use. Remember that a heat vent is often also used for cool air in air conditioning season. This doesn't make that much of a difference, except to say that you may want to consider a damper to remove cool air flow to a heat vent in order to better regulate temperature.