Victorian furnishings

Victorian style furnishings, the approriate decor for Queen Anne architecture

Victorian style furnishings are increasingly difficult to obtain as transitional, urban, industrial, and contemporary styling makes inroads against traditional style houses. If you are concerned with authenticity Victorian style decor items present a challenge. This site has a number of interesting Victorian style items such as authentic reproduction hardware including in the Eastlake style. Another strong point is historic cast iron heat grilles, an important stylistic feature that is often overlooked. And if you have a Queen Anne house shouldn't you really try to decorate with appropriate Victorian style? How ridiculous would it look to put contemporary pieces in the house? It is important to stay true to the style of the house. So definitely stick with appropriate Victorian style. Another important type of decor item you'll find on the site is cast moldings, medallions, and ornaments. These are great for applying on mantels or other areas where decorative cast Victorian style products are appropriate.